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Seriously? N3DS? 

15 deviants said Would be totally ok, even nice if they didn't make new games compatibile with this only...
5 deviants said Ehhh? But they like just created 2DS and another one already?
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Nov 27, 2014
4:04 pm
Nov 27, 2014
12:22 pm
Nov 27, 2014
11:23 am
Nov 26, 2014
7:54 pm
Nov 26, 2014
8:38 am
First things first... My pretty pretty Premium membership! :iconyuicry2plz:
But let's get to the topic.:iconhakaze-lookplz:

:bulletred: I close my custom commissions! 
It's not forever, most probably, so if you wanted to order something don't worry, just look forward to the journal saying it's open again! :)

:bulletred: But... Why do I close my commissions?
I work on commissions almost all the time - no free evenings, no free weekends, it's tiring, but it needs to be done if I am to pay my bills and feed my cat - and I have so much more to do. I close my commissions in hope that I will be able to live out of the works I do from my own ideas! So I will work, all the time, but I'm gonna do many new things, some stuff for sale, some stuff I owe people for way too long (The winners of my pet plush giveaway - I'm so sorry, you did wait way too long! ;3; ).

But I don't want to bankrupt so I won't make any NEW designs for now, but I WILL make plushies from the patterns I already created. It takes really much time to create a completely new pattern from scratch - and I always want it to be perfect, it won't take me as much time to make things I made already

:bulletred: So what can you order now?
Here is the list of plushies that are available for made-to-order purchase!

They are back... by MrsVolv Little Joltiks wants to explore the World by MrsVolv
PRICE: $15 US + $5 US shipping
DETAILS: 3inches long; made from faux fur
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible color changes and simple customization without price change.
SALE: Gardevoirs by MrsVolv
PRICE: $110 US + $15 US shipping
DETAILS: 11inches high; made from minky; embroidered details
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible color changes and simple customization without price change; size or fabric change can lower or raise the price.
SALE: HTTYD Dragon Totems by MrsVolv
PRICE: $30 US + $7 US shipping for small; 55$ + $7 US shipping for big
DETAILS: 5,5inches high - small; 11 inches - big; made from fleece; embroidered details
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible color changes and simple customization without price change; size or fabric change can lower or raise the price; possible other characters in totem style(from any fandom or OCs).
SALE: Chibi Groot inspired plush by MrsVolv SALE: Chibi Groot inspired plush - 1 day to go! by MrsVolv
PRICE: $160 US + $15 US shipping
DETAILS: 13inches high when standing; made from fleece; embroidered details; poseability
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible color changes and simple customization without price change; size, non-poseability or fabric change can lower or raise the price.
SALE: Coco Pommel inspired plush by MrsVolv Cheese Sandwich - Weird Al Yankovic pony by MrsVolv Princess Luna by MrsVolv
PRICE: $100 US to $350 US + $15 US shipping
DETAILS: about 12+inches high; made from Leon, fleece, minky; embroidered details
CUSTOMIZATION: Can be any normal pony, mare, princess, filly or stallion, but not Chrysalis, King Sombra or any other with weird shape, different look. I will redo the pattern a bit for even better shape.
Green eyed by MrsVolv Salamon by MrsVolv
PRICE: $120 US + $15 US shipping
DETAILS: 12-14inches high(don't remember but will check); made from fleece; embroidered details
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible color changes and simple customization without price change; size or fabric change can lower or raise the price.
Koromon and Tsunomon by MrsVolv
PRICE: $15 US + $7 US shipping for tiny; $35 US + $7 US shipping for small; 55$ + $7 US shipping for big
DETAILS: 3inches high - tiny; 6 inches - small; 9 inches - big (the height is for the "sphere" only, it will be higher if with horn, ears, etc); made from Leon, faux fur, fleece; embroidered details
CUSTOMIZATION: Any simple (round shaped) Baby Digimon; the details will be embroidered and they will be made from new pattern (new photos soon).
COMMISSION: Noiz's cube inspired plush by MrsVolv
PRICE: $40 US to $100+ US + custom shipping depending on size
DETAILS: Stuffed with furniture sponge; made from fleece
CUSTOMIZATION: Possible any look on the cube but it will always be a straight cube.

:bulletred: There will be more soon!

:bulletred: How to order?
If you are interested just write me a Note. Please do not ask about prices in comments, I will talk about possible commissions through the Notes only!

:bulletred: If you already bought a commission or asked me about one...
Don't worry, I work on the current commissions, and I hope to finish them all soon. And if you asked me for the quote and was about to order one soon - you will still be able to - but it's only for people who did contact me before this journal!

:bulletred: So, when do I open my custom commissions again?
After I finish all the current commissions I will open ONE SLOT. If it will work and don't make me starve that's how I will work from now on - a commission from time to time, but my own ideas most of the time - sold at my shops. But if it won't be enough, I will completely re-open my commissions.

Etsy store
eBay store

SALE: LAST CHANCE OFFER! Pokemon plushies! by MrsVolv

Looking for contest prizes contributors!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 11:58 AM

I decided to make a contest very soon (starting at 1th December) and am searching for prize contributors.
Of course there are benefits for them!

Even if you don't want to contribute, maybe you could share this info on your profile so more people will get to know about this? It would be also really helpful <3


The exact topic is to be revealed on the contest starting day so it will be fair and there won't be people informed about it before the contest's first day. 
The thing you need to know is that the main focus is friendly relations between Pokemon and Digimon fans. It's going to be based on Digimon and Pokemon fandoms!


Contributors gets some small gratifications from me as well as the possibility to choose their own winners! How does it work? The main jury is me and me only so I do choose the first, second, third places as well as possible special awards for people who did not make it to the first three but were awesome enough to be awarded.
BUT if you contribute some prizes you can choose one or more entries you want to award, those will be places named after you, so for example there can be:
~First place~
~Second place~
~Third place~
~Special awards~
~Sakura award~
~John150 award~
~Volverina award~
Of course you don't need to choose a work if you don't want to, then your prizes will be added to the "Special awards" pool.

Also, I'm gonna give contestants a list of my favourite Pokemon and Digimon, so you can make your lists for people who wants to get your prize - of course they don't have to draw your favourites, but it's fair to let them know which ones you like, as our decisions are biased on our tastes so it's normal that sometimes you will look favorably to the arts with characters whose design are more pleasing to your eyes, right?

Additionally to this you will get from me:
- One character(any character of your choosing) sketch by me
- Feature of you and my favourite works from your gallery in the special journal on my profile (I have more than 500 watchers so far so it's kind of advertisement)
- The special temporary 20% discount code to my Etsy shop


Yes of course! I will be really happy if you do! Of course you won't win your own prize then.


Mostly anything is ok. It does not have to be from the Pokemon/Digimon fandom, but of course these are the most welcomed!
Here some ideas for the possible prizes:
- A Premium membership
- An art by you
- A print of your art
- A keychain or any other smaller or bigger craft made by you
- A keychain or any other smaller or bigger thing bought in your local store or online
- A rare Pokemon in VI generation game
- A bag of sweets/snacks from your country (of course nothing that could spoil in the shipping process)
And basically anything you can think of. Be creative!
If your prize needs to be shipped you cover the postage costs so think about it beforehand.

Of course contributing more than one prize is very welcome!

- The information that you want to contribute
- What would you be willing to donate (does not have to be specified yet, you have time till 29th November)
- If you want to choose your own winner or to add your prize to the "special awards" pool (you have time till 29th November to decide/change your mind)
Before 1st December I will be sending all the contributors a Note for confirmation and a photo of the prize/example of the prize-alike work.


:iconmrsvolv: First place+second place+third place+special awards
:iconbusbyart: busbyart's award+special awards
:iconpatrycjuszoxo: PatrycjuszOxo award/special awards - yet to be chosen by Patrycjusz
:iconjolteonik: Jolteonik's award
:iconjordanmireldis: JordanMireldis's award
:iconbubble-rhapsody: Bubble-Rhapsody's award
:iconsanxcharms: sanxcharms's award
:iconkocurkowa: kocurkowa's award/special awards - yet to be chosen by kocurkowa
:iconthecuddlycephalopod: theCuddlyCephalopod's award
:icon13anana: Special awards
:iconneshirys: neshirys's award/special awards - yet to be chosen by neshirys

  • Mood: Eager
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Pokemon Black/ Final Fantasy II
  • Drinking: Lemon grass tea


MrsVolv has started a donation pool!
0 / 16,000
:iconcollabsask: :icontradesask: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconnokiribans:

Collecting for "'til Hell freezes over" subscription ~<3

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Plush commissions

I'm now ready to open plush commissions!
I give quotes individually, below you can just check typical prices range but it may differ in your case if for example your character happens to be very complicated or you want it made from any special fibers etc.
Please send me a Note with specifications of the plush you want to have done and I will give you a price.
Also prices may change in the future depending on many factors.


Very small and simple plushies: 30$-100$

Animals or monsters: 100$-500$

My Little Pony: 100$-600$

Humanoids: 200$-600$

Giant or overly complex plushies: 400$-1000$

>There is possibility to make it poseable, wired, attached into keychain etc.<

> Policies from my Etsy shop are in effect here: [Link]

> The order is considered placed and I start collecting needed materials and start working ONLY after getting the payment.

> You can pay "half to half" with the first half in advance and second after I finish your plush before I ship it to you, or whole price in advance.

> To place an order or get a quote, please contact me through Notes or mail:
I do not give quotes in comments.

> I ALWAYS ship with priority, certified mail with tracking number provided.
Shipping costs varies depending on size and weight of the product and package.

> These plushies are being made for adult/teen collectors and small parts or stuffing beads may be a potential choking hazard to small children. So I take no responsibility for bad usage of my plushies. They have handsewn/handmade parts, so rough play is not recommended. I do not refund for toys destroyed by buyer's brutal dealing with them.

Don't have time to update, but it exist xD

Other sites:

:bulletred: - Quite active accounts :bulletwhite: - Inactive account for now

:bulletwhite: Subeta: MikeMcBerry
:bulletwhite: Youtube: MrsVolv
:bulletwhite: Tumblr Sketchbook: MrsVolv
:bulletwhite: Tumblr Plushies: MrsVolv-crafts
:bulletwhite: Dropr: MrsVolv
:bulletwhite: Volve
:bulletwhite: Anipan: MrsVolv(2537)
:bulletwhite: Pixiv: MrsVolv
:bulletwhite: Smackjeeves: MrsVolv
:bulletwhite: Furaffinity: Volviak
:bulletwhite: Sheezyart: Volve
:bulletwhite: Nabyn: Volve
:bulletred: Facebook: MrsVolv

My devious family:
You're the best guys!

:iconclaudelaide: - Elder sis
:iconzukori: - Mother
:iconmu-an: - Mother
:iconemyfreak: - Wife
:iconrf-redfox: - Gay husband
:iconremplica: - Daughter
:iconkocurkowa: - Exfiance
:iconevergreenren: - My second self
:iconry-spirit: - My husband's wife


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