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Thu Mar 9, 2017, 1:34 AM

First 15 to put a comment on this journal
will get their page featured and the 6 deviations
I like the most.

Important: If you don't do this journal or have one,
then you will be taken off the list.
You don't have to make same journal but feel free to if you want. :)

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

1. :iconcold-creature: gets the first spot as the person who I took it from in the first place ~~ <3

I really love how detailed your works are, also the storytelling in your comics really keeps the reader interested! That's really something to look up to <3

BFOI: Vron + Bryagh - R4 P1 by Cold-Creature
I enjoy all of the stories you create but this chapter is especially to my liking because of unusual yet pretty style of one color on grayscale! <3

Pokemon Moon Sun Starters - Fake?! by Cold-Creature
This is just too cute! The starters may be fake but they got much love from Vron here <3

Cooking Lessons by Cold-Creature
This scene is both funny and adorable! I also can imagine them in such situation. Additionally I really dig the style Grillby was drawn in! <3

Ratlin Child by Cold-Creature
Well, this one is a bit biased. I really love X-Men Evolution, love Dru and love pirates topic! <3

Watermelon Magical Girl by Cold-Creature
I find the idea of watermelon inspired design really fun!

REEL-Y CUTE by Cold-Creature
Because Magikarp! And it's adorable! <3

Undertale - Revenant by Cold-Creature
I needed to add one more here, because this is so cool! (And also because Undertale). It seems like it had many feels put into this piece, it's strong and vivid! Love it!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

2. :iconx-cress:

You have such smooth shading technique and interesting characters, looking through your gallery was fun! <3

MYO Biyttes: Muchii by x-cress
This is one adorable design! I adore the theme of a computer mouse and choice of colors on this one! Also, those eyes! *.*

In Black by x-cress
This alluring smile... *.* I cannot stop looking!

In the dark by x-cress
Wow! Most of the canvas is just black, with the grey shades making the perfect composition for this amazing Alien art!

Essai's Hiljo by x-cress
I like the approach at different style! The result is good and refreshing!

Team Instinct by x-cress
Because Team Instinct! (I'm Valor, tho xD) He's cute and you caught his simple cheerfulness perfectly in this drawing!

Sans by x-cress
It looks creepy, but cool! I like seeing different styles put on Sans! Also this shading is great!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

3. :iconhallicuteness:

Your gallery is full of variety! From traditional art, digital art, dollmaker designs, photos to sculpting! It was really difficult to choose single 6 works!!

Maesprit, humanoid forms by HalliCuteness
I really like the idea behind this design! It fits Mesprit well. Also the first pose looks so lax and nice!

SU FANART: Genderbend [Cannon] Blue Pearl by HalliCuteness
It's rare to see male Pearl, I kinda dig it! :)

Tentacle Heart Pendant by HalliCuteness
Aaah! You should make more of these! The design is so simple, yet looks so good! I love octopus themed designs and decorations and this one I would definitely wear!

Chemicals by HalliCuteness
Somehow I really like the focus and colors on this photo. The liquids are brown'y and everything else seem to be in grayscale! <3

Moments of Tenderness by HalliCuteness
Aww, men with cats -it will always grab my heart! <3 And the designs are so nice!

Cloud, Emeline, and Chirosa by HalliCuteness
I know this is from some dollmaker, but I really love the characters' designs you put together. Especially the first one, I could see them in some adventure manga!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

4. :iconghost-and-hellsong:

Your drawing are so clean and interesting! So many cute designs! I love them all!

HO HO H- I'm Really Fucking Tired by Ghost-And-Hellsong
I just love this kinda style! It's nice yet creepy(in a good way)! 

Bork. by Ghost-And-Hellsong
Same here, it also reminds me of Hellsing which I used to ADORE! <3

[ OPEN OTA ] Doll Pony by Ghost-And-Hellsong
This design! OMG! I would buy it if I could! I love the "broken" surfaces on it's body and that mouth! <3 The colors are well chosen too!

bleh. by Ghost-And-Hellsong
I really dig the composition in the circle and use of little colors here!

Another Test Drawing by Ghost-And-Hellsong Test Drawing?? by Ghost-And-Hellsong
Those may be just test drawings, but the lines are so smooth, the designs so cool! The expressions and compositions are just flawless! I love such simple yet strong images!

[ GIFT ] Cutie by Ghost-And-Hellsong
The soft colors and the design of this creature! Did I mention use of colors? <3

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

5. :iconthemidnightcurse:

Hey, you commented too after all! ;) And looking at your gallery there is quite some art worth featuring!

My Valentines  by TheMidnightCurse
Awww, this is so cute and well put together! I love the idea of using the wool thread for the composition!

Free Wi-Fi (GIF) by TheMidnightCurse
This is such a fun and interesting concept! And nice little animation!

Kathy by TheMidnightCurse
I love the design of the character and the style of the entire piece somehow gives me some old-artsy style feeling, which I love!

Tick Tock by TheMidnightCurse
I SWEAR I weren't just picking all the cat pieces! I just really love them and different approach to the topic you use! This one is really extraordinary! Steampunk cat! \o/

Burn Out by TheMidnightCurse
Woah! It's creepy and creative! I love the style and simple image with meaning!

Cotton Candy Skeleton by TheMidnightCurse
It's so soft and different! It's really interesting piece!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

6. :iconthreadsie:

Awww you have some cute plushies! I'm happy I can feature some fine craftwork too! <3

Hulk by threadsie
Awww what an adorable Hulk! Love the face!

Bigfoot by threadsie
Awww, the design is so cute and it's so fluffy! I love the fabrics choice on this one! <3

Phoenix Plush by threadsie
Such a cute, little birdie!

Neko Atsume Misty by threadsie
Awwww, this is the most adorable, fluffy thing I saw for a while! This face... is eating my soul... with adorableness! *.*

Pink Demon by threadsie
This must be my favourite! I want one! I adore the design, this creepy, little face and the great choice of colors! <3

Riggle2 by threadsie
Wow! This design, this complex face and those eyes! It's one really well made plush!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

7. :iconscilk: - ksjhgfdfgh like, you're one of my most favourite artists on this site! <3

Man... it's impossible to choose only 6!! ;^;

You do not know. by scilk
THIS!! This is the first piece I started watching you for... I know it was meant to be your personal feeling put into art... but at the moment it was like if it was made for me and situation I was in at the time. It was both creepy and reassuring. May be that our situations were completely different but it just fit so perfectly(both drawing and description) it was scary!

Queen of the bear people by scilk
Because bears... I'm a bear, 'k? xD

Salty by scilk
I adore Salty's design! Also love crocos so it helps too! And the drawing alone is so simple yet cute and pleasant to look at! <3

fuming by scilk  he's ok by scilk
I just love how your arts are both simple, adorable yet brings some deep, emotional message! <3 You're the master at that!

Pimento by scilk
Cuz Pokemanz! \o/ I have Alolan Muk too! <3 I love the colors on the girl's design! <3

Archaeopteryx Plush by scilk  Spirit snek sculpt by scilk  Lady Clarice Doll by scilk
You also make such great crafts - I would need another 6 slots for them! You are so talented, girl! ;^; <3 <3

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

8. :icon13anana:

You have such big variety of art too! And everything is so colorful and pretty! I would spend a lot of money if I stumbled upon a stationary shop with all your stuff, haha! 

Octopus Teapot 'Big Mambo' by 13anana
I really love this! I wish I could see it painted (in my kitchen! >3)

Jellyfish -Nest 1- by 13anana
Such fun, simple design! <3

Owl Dragon Hunter Art Doll -Secret Santa- by 13anana
oh dear, this is some cool design! I love the gold painted face! Creative and unique!

Cuttlefish Vessel by 13anana
Omg, there is little cuttlefish on the big one! So cute! I love your creative mind and talented hands!

Elephant Mug -Yellow- by 13anana
haha this is such a cute and unique design! I would love to have full set of such at home!

Pokemon -Nest 1- by 13anana
Such adorable faces! Haunter gotta be my favourite!!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

9. :iconmsdinogoat:

Vintergnista was so nice to nominate you for the feature here on her place! You have some nice art, it was a pleasure digging through your gallery~! :)

Baby Eddy ref by MsDinoGoat
I really love how smoothly two Pokemon are mixed in this design, also in your style it looks really adorable! I love the little bow down there, so pretty and ornamental! Great job at reference sheet!

Chibi Raspberry by MsDinoGoat
You may have adopted the design but you did great job at drawing her in your style! Nice choice of colors and pretty, smooth shading! It's simple drawing but I love it!

Luna Ref by MsDinoGoat
I just love Lurantis, and you did it great justice! Also your reference sheets are so nice and clear - I could make a plush off it :3

Sasha streaming 4/4 by MsDinoGoat
I love how much personality you gave the character here! Just looking at it I can imagine she is nice but sassy. Love the pose and face expression! 

Deiko 'Evolution' by MsDinoGoat
This one is a bit biased... she just really reminds me of my Volv through years of her evolution - especially the second one, with two ponytails, haha ^^'
But also the hair shading is really great job!

Vicious soul by MsDinoGoat
Woah! I love this Pokemon, but that's not it! This drawing may be my biggest favourite out of those six, it's the pose, the perfect anatomy, nice colors, idk, I just really love it!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

10. :iconvintergnista:

You were so nice to think of someone else here, I couldn't just let you stay in the shadow! You may not do much art, but what you do is still really cool and deserve a little shout-out!

Happy Birthday Secret! Pack Rat Pony Custom by Vintergnista 
Ah, I remember this pony! It's such a nice, little gift, really well made, especially the mane. Looks great!

Give me some Sugarcup by Vintergnista
So sparkling and nice, love the colors choice <3
Also the flirty eye <3

Pokenoms by Vintergnista
Haha I love this! So funny yet so cute, and well drawn! I adore their expressions! <3

Eyyyy by Vintergnista
The freehand sketches like this are always something I love to look at! It's also so funny and expressive! I love the nose and face of this guy xD

~*CE*~ Crystal by Vintergnista
Such an elegant and beautiful scene! I like the contrast in colors and simple composition. The horns seem difficult to draw but the anatomy of entire character is great!

Rosalina Cosplay 2011 by Vintergnista
This is a pretty cosplay and pretty photo! The dress was handmade which only makes it better! It looks really well made!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

11. :iconpinkandorangesunset:

I get another chance to look through your gallery and I like it no less! Such variety of interesting characters and your unusual style are always interesting to look at! :)

Allambee - gknd collab by pinkandorangesunset
I have quite a sentiment towards this guy, after making a plush of him :) Also love the pose and expression on this picture!

Follow us by pinkandorangesunset
The style is different from what you usually do but it fits well! I liked the movie and your interpretation of the characters looks nice! Also fun touch to put yourself among them!

Horace Somnusson by pinkandorangesunset
It's such a fun and pretty little custom! And it's also a peculiar Christmas ornament! Great job! ;)

doodle doodle doodling by pinkandorangesunset
Such a lovely little scene! And it's animated!

Numbuh 981 Time Line by pinkandorangesunset
I really like the design and growth of this character. Also the way hair were drawn! So cool!

Honey's mistletoe dilemma by pinkandorangesunset
I don't even, they're so adorable! And the idea behind the scene is simple, yet creative! Lovely work!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

12. :iconfadedpaper:

Oh my, you have such nice and unusual style! I love your way of coloring! Hope you will upload more art! <3

BIRB by FadedPaper
Aaaaaaaw! It's so adorable! It seems simple, but the way you colored it - I don't even! Such a cute shape and cute colors! Aww <3

School Projects 2 by FadedPaper
I really like the style of this character, it's... interesting! Also the coloring is same as in birb and I love it!

Free to use avatar and whatever by FadedPaper
The coloring on this one is so creative and nice! Also it's somehow... soothing!

Christmas in Alola by FadedPaper
Awww, little Rowlett is so cute! <3 

Triptych 1/3 by FadedPaper
Such gentle composition! I can imagine it in some nice kids' room, hang on a wall, or be a wall <3 I would definitely adore that! Love the pastel colors!

Agent of Change Translations by FadedPaper
Oh wow! It looks like really lots of work! So many details and the interesting coloring! I have no idea who are those characters but would definitely love to learn about them after seeing this picture!

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

13. :iconchiratera:

Your arts are so creative and full of ideas, no matter if it's fanart or original, you will put a piece of your artistic soul into them! And this is what I love about your gallery!

Autumn leaves by Chiratera
I really like the design with the leafs. Also colors are so gentle and nice!

Little Red Riding Hood by Chiratera
Such different approach to the popular fairy tale~~!

Weee! Undertale! <3 I can totally imagine them looking like this if they were humans! You got their characters perfectly!

Space buns by Chiratera
I love the colors and composition on this one so much! It's really pretty! <3

Hopeless [watercolour] by Chiratera
Oh my, such great ability to show a strong emotion! It's really great job! ;^;

Einoa commission by Chiratera
Kitties!!! \o/

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

14. :icontoxicsnakeskull:

Woah! you have one colorful gallery! :D

Ferroberry Pie by ToxicSnakeSkull

haha I just adore the idea here! Great approach to the Pokemon food theme! :D

You all know the Song by ToxicSnakeSkull
This is one cool crossover! Also love the traditional style used in this drawing!

LOK Cast vs 50 Shades of Grey Part 2 by ToxicSnakeSkull
I'm crying! 

Only one Strawberry left by ToxicSnakeSkull
I used to really love such fantasy stories and I enjoyed first Dragon Age. It's really detailed artwork and really nice colors!

Age of Thrones - The Throne WIP by ToxicSnakeSkull
Oh.My.God.!!! This must have taken ages to do! I have no words! Wow!

KiaraBerry as Tifa by ToxicSnakeSkull
I just really adore the shading here! <3

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

15. :iconferngirl:

You are a person of many talents, wow! So many different creations!

The Imperial Dragons by Ferngirl
Koi dragons! \o/ Such a detailed work and fun mixing of techniques!

From the Lake of Rage by Ferngirl

I would totally want one of these! Such a fun little craft! Looks like lots of work too, with all the details! But it's clean and neat, great job!

Goldie the Second by Ferngirl
I love goldfishes! And this one has such natural shape and look so soft! 10/10 would hug!

Girebra by Ferngirl
Haha I love the artist comment on this one as much as I love the craft! Of course you would make a giraffe from such fabric! Gotta love the long-neck zebra! <3

Christmas Cards by Ferngirl
These prints look so pretty! I'm sure the person who got the cards was very happy! It's beautiful! <3

Nyeh heh heh by Ferngirl
Nyeh heh heh! <3 This is some really great Papyrus sculpture! Gotta love! <3

:bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen: ~ :bulletgreen:

16. :iconwilczus2:

Because you were 15th person to comment, just I gave to slots to one person here (the person and the person they nominated) so wouldn't be fair to you if you didn't get in! ;)
Also some nice critters to feature in your gallery! \o/

DGMN trade by wilczus2
Aaaah cutie spider is on fire!

Spring by wilczus2
That's a one good branch, yes a really nice branch! I love the texture on the wood, but also the creature's design! It's so simple and cute! <3

''Original and Mine - Plotmon'' meme by wilczus2
Because the design never looked like a dog to me, now it's like if it's evolved, NOW it makes sense! XD Also, really nice dog shapes!

The gentle spirit by wilczus2
She looks so gentle and cat'ish! And I love that! <3

Fourth evolution of Kalipso : Solismon by wilczus2
Because rat! And I love rats! And this is some really cool Digi-rat too! :D

Mr. Fluffy plushie by wilczus2
Oh my! This is pure cuteness!! Just look at this fluff! Those eyes! I'm melting!<3<3<3

OUCH! sorry it took me so long to finish them all!


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I'm always afraid something isn't clear in my story telling-- or - - I've had to cut a lot of extra scenes that would help tell the story better- because of time constraints/deadlines... aah ;A;
omg Dru- thank you! I've actually got an original manuscript all about her (and mutations in a sci-fi world)- XD One day you will be able to read it! <3 
And that-- last undertale one-- thank you XD It's definitely one of my babies-- I knew I wanted to paint it months before I did- so I definitely was passionate about it <3 aah 

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk about each piece-- whoa <3 
MrsVolv Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh c'mon!
I think it's every comic maker problem haha! I always wonder if my stories even make sense when read as comics. But don't worry, yours are clean and interesting! <33

Aww I would love to read about Dru when you finish it! I gotta make my X-Men OC too, it's surprising I don't have one since I love it so much! <3

Yea, I try but maaaan, it's so tiring. Took me all day to finish just 7 people! O3O
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